Friday, July 8, 2016

#TeamCap (Or, Why Tony Stark was an Idiot in "Civil War")

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I saw Captain America: Civil War when it came out, and the reason I didn't blog about it then was because I needed to mourn. It was an amazing, awesome movie that managed to be unpredictable toward the end (and I do not say that lightly, especially for a superhero movie) and it completely tore me apart. I love the Avengers, and I hate seeing them attack each other.

Well, okay, let me rephrase. The big airport fight was the highlight of the movie and was totally awesome, but that was in part because no one was actually trying to kill each other (with the exception of Black Panther, but he wasn't actually an Avenger, so that was fine). Rhodey getting hit was an accident and Sam Wilson tried to save him despite being on opposite sides.

But then Zemo had to be a dick, Tony had be an idiot, and shit got real and broke my heart.

So now that I'm mostly over my grief and can write about this without breaking down in either rage or tears, I'm going to explain why I've always been #TeamCap and why Tony's an idiot. An understandable idiot who is also my favorite Avenger, but an idiot nonetheless.

First and foremost: the Accords. Great on paper. A predictable outcome considering one of the biggest issues in the Marvel Universe is how much humans are afraid of mutants and want them registered/regulated/whatever.

But when has that actually ever worked? The last time an organization had even a smidgen of control over the Avengers (SHIELD), they actually turned out to be Hydra.

And when does the international community ever actually step up and help out with worldwide issues? I just got back from a study abroad in Rwanda, which experienced a genocide twenty years ago, that the international community knew about, knew exactly what was happening, and didn't do jack shit. So if the Avengers were real, had been around at the time, and had been under the control of the international community, they wouldn't have been able to do anything, either.

And considering the fact that the humans who were trying to bring Bucky in were going to shoot him on sight, instead of arrest him and put him on trial like what we're supposed to do (that whole "innocent until proven guilty" thing), I can see why Steve and his team would be hesitant to place themselves at the mercy of paranoid non-mutants.

If people are so worried (and yes, I can see the whole accountability thing), then have the Avengers be a a non-government organization (NGO). Each country treats them differently according to their own laws, they're registered, they're held accountable, but they're not in the pockets of specific countries/politicians. If nobody outside the Avengers can hold them accountable should one of them screw up, have the group set up an Internal Affairs thing, like what police have.

(And yes, I know, not a simple solution, not a quick fix, it has its own problems. But this is the best solution I can see and it doesn't end with my favorite characters trying to kill each other, so everyone wins.)

Then there's the thing with Bucky.

Obviously, seeing the murder of your parents is going to incite an emotional reaction. I'm not going to blame Tony for going off the rails a little bit. But here's what I don't get:

Clint Barton: spends the majority of the first Avengers moving trying to kill the Avengers due to being brainwashed by Loki. Ends the movie fighting alongside them, no questions asked.

Wanda and Pietro Maximoff spend the majority of the second Avengers movie on Team Ultron, a choice they made of their free will! They end the movie joining the Avengers and Wanda ends up joining up as a permanent member.

Bucky Barnes: spends the majority of The Winter Soldier trying to kill Steve and Nick Fury due to being brainwashed by Hydra, a process that took seventy years of torture. Ends Civil War as a wanted fugitive.

You can't have it both ways, Tony! If Loki's responsible for everything Clint did in The Avengers, then Hydra's responsible for everything Bucky did. If Bucky's responsible for the Starks' death, then Clint's responsible for all those agents' deaths. Now tell Steve you're sorry and go fight some bad guys.


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