Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Release the Flying Cobras!

I am unleashing a novel on called The Flying Cobras. Technically it's a series because Channillo is weird, and while I could upload the novel all at once instead of doing it chapter by chapter...what's the fun in that?

Also, it's quite large, so I may end up splitting it into 2 books. It'll depend on how much I want to annoy you lovely readers. :)

The Flying Cobras is based on the Dungeons and Dragons adventures of me, my brother, and my dad, which I talked about in my first ever blog post. 


A team of adventurers. A magical world. A big bad guy. Simple, right?


Three (technically four) of those adventurers are fugitives. 
Most of them have major trust issues. 
One is a werewolf. 
One sets his hair on fire every time he gets angry (which is alarmingly frequently). 
One's father is a demon. 
One is terrified of spiders.

BTW, that big bad buy? She's a goddess. And her main form is a spider.

This is not going to be easy.

(Note: if this was a movie, it'd be rated R for violence and swearing.)
(Another note: I will eventually change the ridiculous cover of this book to something slightly more fitting.)

Subscribe to it here on Channillo and that will make me a very happy writer!


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns and aren't comfortable using the little comment box below, then please contact me directly.


  1. You should post the first chapter of it right now so we get a sneak peek! :D

    1. Can't. Channillo's rules. :(

      I will say that it starts underground. Very, very, very far underground. :)