Friday, March 11, 2016

Best Sci-Fi Movies (In My Less Than Humble Opinion)

This is my "why the hell did I choose to review a book that's almost 600 pages long when I have a pile of textbooks to read, too, oh well, better throw up another list" post.

A lot of these I've already reviewed or said something about, so for those there'll be links to more snarkery. Enjoy! :)

5. Star Trek 2009 and Into Darkness

Despite my complaints about the women's uniforms, these are still amazing movies that talk about some really deep issues (one of my favorite examples is when Kirk has at least two perfect opportunities to kill Khan or have him killed, but doesn't, even though Khan killed the closest thing to a father he has).

Also, the trailer for Star Trek Beyond is set to the song "Sabotage." :)

4. Guardians of the Galaxy

I can't believe I only saw this movie three months ago. It is your classic superhero team origin story (Guardians of the Galaxy is actually a graphic novel by Marvel that I really need to start reading), but it also makes fun of superhero movies. At least three villains start to go into monologues and get interrupted by either a punch, getting shot, or a song. It's awesome.

And yeah, the female lead needs rescuing by the guy a couple of times, but she's still awesome and her evil sister is terrifying.

3. Big Hero 6

The manga this movie is based off of left me cold, but the movie itself is amazing. Hiro's a fourteen-year-old genius whose brother dies and leaves him with a robotic nurse. Hiro rounds up a bunch of other geniuses and they become a team of superheroes to try to find out who killed the brother.

The best scene of this movie is when Hiro has an opportunity to kill the bad guy, and he actually tries to take it (the rest of the team stops him). It's definitely one of the darkest, scariest scenes I've ever seen in a kids' movie, and the follow-up "murder isn't the answer" scene is one of the most beautiful.

2. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Everything I have to say about this movie I've already said here. If you haven't seen this yet, that's breaking the 11th Commandment and you're dead to me.

1. The Martian

Based on the novel. A scientist is stranded on Mars after a his team mistakes him for dead and has to make an emergency exit due to a storm.

Normally, I don't like survival movies. They're repetitive and not very suspenseful (you know the guy is going to make it, at least until the final scene), and most of the skills they use are stuff most of us already know for Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts.

But this...he's surviving fucking Mars, for starters, so it's not exactly a camping trip gone wrong because of stupid decisions. Matt Damon's performance is stunning. The character he plays is such a sarcastic badass, I love him. And even though we know he makes it (does that even count as a spoiler?) all the scenes where he almost dies are nail-bitingly tense.

And not everything is about the survival story; it covers the impact it has on the entire globe and all the politics involved in people's decisions in getting him back.

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