Monday, February 15, 2016

Monday Movie! "Deadpool"

This one's a step below Star Wars: The Force Awakens on the DZA Review Scale. It lost points for the stupid damsel in distress cliché that plagues the majority of superhero movies, but was otherwise absolutely incredible.

My normal format for reviewing a movie or a book is a general, spoiler-free review for the first half, then a spoiler-packed snarky blow-by-blow of the whole thing, complete with sarcasm and mockery.

But Deadpool already did that for me. Seriously, it is hilarious in part because it pokes so much fun at itself. There's nothing for me to add!

So instead, we'll stick to controversy. The R-rating.

Several people were relieved when we found out that Deadpool would be rated R. Some people, not so much. They want their kids to see it.

Obviously, those people never read the Deadpool comics. It's not exactly a kid-friendly read. So why should the movie cater to kids?

Now that I think about it, all superhero movies should be rated R, for the following reasons:

1: It makes them so much fun. (What can I say? I like swearing like a sailor.)

2: It's more realistic. You're telling me that when Captain America is shooting up the bad guys or Thor's swinging around his hammer, there's no exploding heads? No blood spray? All those bodies on the ground at the end of every fight scene, no puddles of blood or people shitting themselves?

No swearing?

In their off-time, you're telling me their adrenaline isn't pounding through their veins from almost dying so many times that they don't grab their girlfriends (or, for the bachelors, any woman giving them a green light) for a sex marathon?

Superhero movies are all about fighting crime and war. Fighting crime and war are bloody, violent pursuits. They are dark, nasty shit. Deadpool reflects that.

Frankly, I don't like the idea of any kid being told that the best solution to every problem is to take a hammer/gun/fist/shield to it, and that you'll face little to no consequences for your violent actions. Nay, you'll be praised as a hero.

People are asking why today's society is so violent? Start with the messages you're sending your kids. This is a big one: "Violence is okay so long as you're right and they're 'bad' or 'wrong.'"

Give us more Batman. He at least tries talking his way out of problems first, and has a no-kill policy to boot.

Better yet: Avatar the Last Airbender. That show was fantastic, with plenty of action to keep the kids engaged while sending a positive message. They should make a movie out of it that doesn't suck balls.


Wow, I did not expect to spiral into a whole moral lecture when I started this post. Didn't realize that needed to get out.

Anyway, thanks for reading. :)

Any questions, concerns, comments, or suggestions (I'm always down to hear about a good show,  movie, book, etc.) please contact me.

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