Friday, February 12, 2016

"Lucifer" Review

I put this on great on the DZA Review Scale. Certainly better than The Shannara Chronicles.


Some people are a tad upset about anything that portrays Satan in a good light.

I am not one of those people, mostly because I'm a Nichiren Buddhist. But even if I was Christian, I think I'd much rather hang out with Lucifer than Jesus...actually Jesus was pretty cool, too. Can't all three of us go to Starbucks and lament about the Kardashians?

Anyway, normally I don't like shows on Fox outside of The Simpsons (and even that show's getting stale these days), but so far Lucifer has not disappointed.

Basically, the Devil decides to quit Hell and open a bar in Los Angeles.

And God and the angels don't like that because now nobody is punishing the damned souls. The angels are getting really pissed because now Lucifer is acting like a good guy (no matter how much he denies it). Which I find completely fascinating, because God is all about forgiveness and turning a new leaf...unless you're immortal, then you're never allowed to change. (And that makes what kind of sense?)

The best part is it's a crime-fighting show! You know how sometimes you'll see two characters (whether from the same show or different shows) and think, "You know, I'd really like these two to have their own spin-off where they drive around the country solving mysteries." (If none of you do that and it's just me, you should start, because it leads to some interesting conversation.) That's what this is!

Lucifer's "partner" is Detective Chloe Decker, who's not nearly as interesting on her own, but because she's the polar opposite of Lucifer (and for whatever reason, none of his charms/magic works on her) they're so much fun together. And it's nice seeing a main woman character who can actually hold her own and doesn't need rescuing every episode; so far that's only happened in the pilot and she did get shot, so...

And yes, it's slightly formulated. Like the majority of cop shows, we open with a crime (a murder, because Chloe's a homicide detective), there's investigation riddled with personal subplots (I imagine we'll be seeing a romantic relationship crop up between Lucifer and Chloe), and the killer turns out to be one of the people we met earlier in the episode but didn't look twice at because they weren't a prominent suspect. Anyone who says they're going to turn their life around are immediately going to die/be framed for murder, Chloe has an ex-husband who's also on the force causing a bit of unnecessary drama...but other than that, it's great.

I just love Lucifer's character so much. That anti-hero who's a smartass, charming, a bit immature, and no matter how much they deny it they're actually a good person.

Now I just want to see Chloe's reaction when she realizes that Lucifer has not been making shit up and that he is, in fact, the Devil. That's gonna be good.


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  1. I haven't seen this yet in Australia. Will check my Foxtel and Netflix. Thanks for the review...I love the concept, being an ex-bartender myself the idea of Satin running a bar intrigues me. Cheers