Saturday, January 16, 2016

American Horror Story: Hotel

Sorry this wasn't posted on Friday per usual. I get my TV shows 24 hours after they air (so in the case of AHS, Thursday), and I needed some time to absorb this.


American Horror Story is either really good or really bad by season, as each season has a whole new set of characters (but same actors) and a completely different theme and story (even though they all take place in the same world, which is cool). So for me, Season 1 (Haunted House) was good, Season 2 (Asylum) was okay, Season 3 (Coven) was spectacular and may still be my favorite, Season 4 (Freak Show) sucked balls, and Season 5 (Hotel) was amazing.

Season 6 is gonna suuuuuuck.

Anyway, Hotel is a hodgepodge of storylines and creatures. Gaga plays a vampire known as The Countess, we have ghosts like Haunted House, several serial killers, a weird rapist demon, and Queenie from Coven makes a brief appearance.

She's either going to kill you or start an awesome song, I don't know which.

Here's the thing with this season's AHS: it's all about love. Specifically "true love," or finding "The One," which simultaneously makes all the characters act like teenagers but also wrenches your heart out. And it doesn't necessarily mean romantic love. Iris's true love is her son, Donovon, whose love is the Countess, whose love is a 1920s actor named Valentino who died in 1930 (except in AHS he faked his death, was turned into a vampire, turned Gaga, was shut away with his other lover in the hotel for a hundred years, busted out, and was shot in the head and face multiple times by Donovan in a jealous rage).

My biggest problem with this season is a bunch of kids end up getting turned into vampires led by a sociopathic 9-year-old (long story) and they're shut into a tomb and killed by an adult vampire, who never gets punished for it. (The sociopathic leader probably deserved to die, but not all of them.) (And it's the same bitch who kills Queenie!)

There's also a rape scene or two (or rather, a rape, a dub-con, and a double-murder during sex). But those perpetrators get punished (not specifically for the rape(s), and being dead doesn't necessarily mean the end for them, but still).

However, it's intriguing, mysterious, rarely predictable (did anyone else see John being the Ten Commandments Killer?) and most of the good guys end up with a happy ending. Which is important, because it sends the message that no matter how f***ed up your life gets, so long as you have a purpose and you keep going, you'll be okay.

My favorite character is Liz Taylor, a MTF transgender concierge who's a BAMF, a lovable bitch, and who ends up ruling the hotel at the end, pulling all the ghosts together into one big family (which she joins when she finds out she has pancreatic cancer and decides to die in the hotel so she can haunt it with all of her friends).

She also has all the best outfits. Yes, even better than Gaga's.

To hell with vampires, ghosts, demons, and witches. Just give me Liz Taylor. :)


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  1. Yay! I am working on a review of this as well. I freaking LOVED Liz. She was my fave. Totally called John Lowe being the murderer. Also picked up on the "true love" theme. The kids were an annoying subplot, so I'm glad they got wiped out en masse. The end, though!! Who knew a murder could make me so happy!? LOL. :)

    1. "glad they got wiped out," huh? Good for you...? :P