Friday, December 4, 2015

Martian Red

This week's post was originally going to be another installment of my Demonology Files (I'm looking at the jinn, or genies, of Arabian culture). But instead I had to research an 18th Century Baptist named John Leland who helped James Madison create the Bill of Rights and freedom of religion in America (such as it is). 

Finals are in a week and a half and then I'll be gloriously free!

For about another week and a half. Then I have a January class. :/

Anyway, the point is, no Demonology Files or review for this week. You all probably don't want to read my half-finished history paper, so instead I'm posting a pessimistic poem I wrote about Mars for my creative writing class (which I am so glad I took because this is the second time I've used an assignment from that class to save my blogging butt; I'll probably do it a third time next week, too).

Enjoy! :)


Martian Red

is warm
          hot burning
                          molten lava
breath from deep in a dragon's belly

it's cold.
White ghosts
escape our lips--
          blue, like our
                    fingers if we don't have
                              money for mittens and
most don't

is usually
blood on
          your shirt
blood dripping
          from your nose
blood on the
but where
it's supposed to be

that's true.
          The whole planet:
          no blue
          no green
          just one big  
          sign that reads
stay away

pours from the
holes in people's
as they choke on more
          coating the knife
          of a thief
          no, they're just--
                    requires food
                    just want some food
                    there's no--
                              dried and shriveled
                              man-made lakes
                              that were too small
                              too new
                              to quench so many--
                                        there are millions
                                        fleeing snow and storms
                                        from their broken Mother--

Earth is a white
frozen ball
as cold as
where it's


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