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Guest Post: Jorie's Top Ten SciFi Stories

This is a guest post! 

I asked fellow blogger Jorie from (@joriestory) to do a Top Ten list of her favorite science fiction stories (in honor of RinnRead's Science Fiction Month). I'm so grateful she did this! I'll be doing a GP on her blog in December, after (hopefully) surviving the brutal gladiator ring of the ivory tower (i.e. finals).

She said I could "correct" her British-influenced spelling, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I find accents--spoken and written--so endearing and awesome. So if British spellings are a giant turn-off for you, don't read. 

Enjoy! :)


I’ve had the loveliest opportunity as a book blogger to engage directly into the heart of emerging science fiction from new writers who create stories of joy for a sci-fi geek to read. Here is a brief outline of those writers and their stories of whom I personally became transfixed by and eagerly await reading more of their collective works!

1.      Reap the Wild Wind by Julie E. Czerneda | My Review 

As soon as I began reading ‘Reap the Wild Wind’ I was in for such a curious treat as Ms Czerneda has created such a stimulating universe as to challenge her readers by the breadth of what she’s left for us to unravel one chapter at a time! It’s positively one of the most electrifying novels I’ve read within the framework of ‘traditional sci-fi’ wherein I could honestly gather the sense I would become wickedly addicted to this world: Cersi. The Clan and Cersi are inter-dependent upon each other, but more so than their natures, it’s how Czerneda painted this story alive and treated me to such a brilliantly conceived world with a back-story to match it’s dimensional heart is absolute fantastic!

Quote from my review:

Czerneda has taken us on a journey towards understanding the Clan from the inside-out, as a method of finding an approach that will give us more insight into how they established their communities. As the Yena live mostly between sky and land, I remembered how during my viewing of Avatar most of the community within that story lived above ground too. I appreciate writers who have such a clear vision for their worlds, that even if you’re a new reader of theirs, it only takes a few readings to dip inside that vision and reside with their characters.

I appreciated the breadth of how we were so intimately aware of Aryl’s struggle to find balance – between her duties as a Yena and her instincts as a gifted Om’ray. Her mother was not as strong as she is to accept the changes amongst their kind nor to admit her daughter was reaching towards a new future which might leave the old traditions behind them. It’s a struggle of acceptance and for walking that fine line between knowledge and hiding in plain sight from those who cannot handle the truth you’ve uncovered.

2.      The Ghost Bride by Yangsze Choo | MyReview

This is a ghost story which features parallel realities of which is quite a common feature within science fiction. The grace of how the story unfolds before you is a credit to Ms Choo as her knack for expressive details and convincing world-building within all aspects of this story truly illuminated the characters’ struggles and their earnest journeys through a novel that is anything but predictable! You simply had to hold onto the pages as you read each chapter and section; as your heart was right in line with where the character felt the most frustration, confusion and angst. It’s an adventure through life, death and time; one that you do not want to miss becoming part of!

Quote from my review:

The peripheral image seen on the cover art of the novel made exquisite sense to me as soon as I reached page 24, as it is a nodding gesture to the fact that Lim Tian Ching visits Lin Lan whilst she is asleep! There is a certain truth to the moment between our conscience and unconscious selves — an eclipse of time, place, and cognitive awareness. He is able to reach out and touch her on the fringes of her wakefulness and I had an inkling of an idea of how this connective thread was made between them as my senses were alerted to the true reason ‘Auntie’ Madam Lim wanted her hair ribbon! There are ways in which to manipulate connections and to create divergent synapses of time – as time itself can become contorted and bent against its will if you know of the darker arts and sciences to cull it.

3.      Uncovering Cobbogoth by Hannah L. Clark | My Review 

I seriously *fought!* to read this book for the blog tour it was being featured inside as I was one of the reviewers who had been dropped from the secondary tour. It led me to Ms Clark’s world where her spunky heroine rocked my readerly heart for how much gumption and fortitude she had to uncover the truth of her own heritage and past! This was a YA novel that took me completely unawares, dropped me inside of an adventure I was thrilled to take and left me dearly in need of a sequel! FYI: I am reading said sequel for Sci Fi November 2015: ‘The Lemorian Crest’, book No.2 of 7 in the Cobbogoth series!

Quote from my review:

Uncovering Cobbogoth is an adventure you know you can handle, but it keeps you suspended between the pages as much as the living story within its chapters is a suspension of time. Science was always a ready interest of mine growing up, as I had half a step inside the worlds of art and science within my childhood hours. I was drawn into the dimensional theories of Quantum Physics as I grew and examined different quantum realms on my own by my early twenties, because of the curiosity they engaged my mind inside. The theory of super-strings, hidden dimensions, black holes, and galaxies hidden within a space of a seed were an exciting read for me! I need to re-take up where I left off as I only just brushed the surface of what I wanted to study, but within that pursuit, I have noticed that the science within science fiction that enlightens my mind the most contains elements and theories woven around the concept of space-time dimensions and/or the continuum. This is not the first foray I have ventured on this year to read a story with time travel or the bending of time (as we see it peripherally) as its core center of scientific thought. The Skin Map uses the theory of ley lines whereas Cobbogoth is using the theory of hoption holes. In each of their own ways, they are breaking down a theory of how humans of any age can travel through ‘portals’ within the space-time vortex of dimensional space. And, I personally find that exciting!

4.      The Last Gatekeeper by Katy Haye | MyReview

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I sat down to read ‘The Last Gatekeeper’ but the layering of Haye’s vision for her novel and the scope of her story emerging inside a wonderfully conceived back-story of origin and species; whilst giving us the sci-fi bits we’d hope to find inside the clever premise, I honestly can say, I was treated to such a wicked surprise! I was dearly curious, but it’s through this curiosity that I kept my mind open and by doing so, I was led inside a story that truly had a depth of heart.

Quote from my review:

Whilst keeping the emotional tides of youth and angst of coming of age fully center point, Haye has written a beautiful science fiction narrative that is counter-balanced with a checking on morality and ethical grounds. She allows the reader to take the journey alongside Zan, but in so doing, the reader tends to follow suit in where Zan’s own rationalization on the events which are happening at lightning speed lead us to follow. There is a lot happening all at once, but within those quick-paced jaunts, there is a stillness of thought and a contemplation on the greater whole of what it all means. In this, Haye has given a story that holds it’s salt whilst entertaining you at the same time. You want to stay in this world, because you’ve become keenly invested in Zan and how she’s evolving into the woman she never knew she’d become.

5.      Blonde Eskimo by Kristen Hunt | MyReview 

I personally love mythology and folklore now that I’m older, as when I was in the middle grades, I must confess, mythology was a bit of a difficulty to understand as readily as I find myself devouring it now! Most of my sci-fi readings have a tendency of crossing over into fantasy; even with the emergence of ‘Sci-Fantasy’ as a sub-genre, I have noted my heart is duly spilt between both genre designations, so much so I’ve read quite a heap of fantasy even moreso than sci-fi! Thus, imagine my happy discovery in finding this story is rooted in biographical heritage origins, folklore and the beauty of an imagined world captured just out of visual range from our own eyes! I delighted in the mirth of where Ms Hunt took us and am on pins for the sequel she’s now penning!

Quote from my review:

The journey Neiva is taking is fraught with desperate intentions by dark forces who are seeking to dismantle her sanity. Her friendships and her family are put in the greatest risk because of who she is to the Spirit World but what was most surprising to me – is how parallel the story ran to The Clan Chronicles as there is one golden similarity: power and the greed that is evoked out of it’s pursuit. Peace is a tender balance at the best of times but I felt at the heart centre of this novel is a bit of uncertainty still even as we end on a bit of a happier ending than a traditional cliffhanger – part of me questioned if all is truly right within this world.

6.      Moonflower by EDC Johnson | My Review

The truest joy for me in reading this YA novel is how it made cross-connections through historical fiction, science fiction and fantasy; it gave me such a wonderful slice of how you can take elements out of each genre and develop a story that is set wholly inside it’s own universe which can bend itself around a new sub-genre all of it’s own making.

Quote from my review:

The beautiful words and eloquence of their world brought to life by a writer who knows how to gain traction of their vision into the heart of a reader, lifted the story of Moonflower into a niche of beloved reads. The insightful way of conveying a layer of depth out of the title of the story and using poetry to garnish a hidden secret of the transcending power of love was a beauty of it’s own to have found. Lucius, Donovan, and Josie exist in a place that is not too far off from our own timescape, dealing with the issues our own world has the tendency to face and are grounded in the belief that everything that you pursue in your life with passion will be rewarded through dedicated hard work. The experiences Josie has in Terravipol strengthen her awareness of how the lessons of living are meant to endeavor her growth as much as bolster her sensibility to adapt.

This is the part of the series where we are introduced to the key players of who will surely be making appearances in the forthcoming installments, as there is a bit of a cliffhanger at the end of Moonflower. The same type of cliffhanger I mentioned after having read the short story Extra-Ordinary by B.C. Brown; an opening gesture to alert your senses to drink in this fantastical realm that is lovingly created and whose dimensions of depth are only just becoming known. I cannot wait to hear about the next exploits of Josie’s life evolving as time clicks forward inasmuch as I have a light of dashingly keen interest to know what becomes of Lucius! I found myself attached a bit more to Lucius than Donovan, not that Donovan will not draw a kinship of his own, but there is something about Lucius that was altogether alluring and pulsing with intrigue!

7.      Silver Tongue by AshleyRose Sullivan | MyReview 

Ms Sullivan likes to write genre-benders, and although I sort of focused on how this novel was writ with an undertone of alternative historical in the forefront of its focus. The truth is, this is a novel with strong ties to science fiction. As part of its appeal, is how much Sullivan could stitch inside this story that equaled a bit of a showcasing of various science fiction familiarities. I had wanted dearly to re-read this novel in time for Sci Fi November, but I feel it’s more realistic to say I will be re-reading this in January for the Sci Fi Experience. As I do, I want to take more notes about the supporting cast of characters, as one of them was a spin on the Frankenstein legend. Sullivan definitely knew how to keep her reader invested and curious about what lay ahead for her characters!

Quote from my review:

The foundation of Sullivan’s novel is so apt and accurate to its own voice of authenticity, I had to remind myself it was an ‘alternative’ historical novel! From the moment I first picked up the novel itself, I had this quickening as I started to read the opening chapters – I was both drawn by my newfound fascination of this hidden niche of a genre, but also more to the point – curious how Sullivan would tackle this genre in exchange for the one I had already found to love by her. The accuracy of the back-story being shared about Claire’s mother and grand-mother felt quite realistic – almost as if they were taken from the pages of a family history journal, rather than Ms Sullivan’s imagination.

8.      Romancing the Soul by Sarah Tranter | MyReview 

Blessedly this comedic novel with sci-fi elements woven inside its heart of a back-story towards how two people can suddenly meet and find themselves already familiar with each other arrived at just the right moment where I needed to read this story! Books have a way of finding us at a point in time where their stories and characters will resonate a strong gathering of place and time; to effectively keep us within their realms and allow us to nearly grieve the loss of their experience. This was one of my first choices in seeking out the sci-fi this side of Rom from ChocLitUK and was clearly treated to a novel that left me full of smiles and a heap of bookish joy to consume!

Quote from my review:

Susie and George have this magnetically charged attraction which is as illogical as the Bermuda Triangle! They are irrevocably entwined into each other’s soul’s and the orientation of where their individual happiness lies is clearly becoming dependent on the choices they each will start to make as they move forward. What was such a unique take on this story-line is how the past lives and the present lives started to bleed into each other as far as who they were and who they are now. George you see, is Cassie’s brother both in the past and in the present, and the wild ride starts to ensue when Cassie realizes that this mission of hers to unearth the debunking of past life regressionists is not truly her sole motivation anymore. It is to have a more clearer understanding of how George is being directly affected by welcoming back a past soul mate into his present! I loved how the sections were written as far as to express how two past lives come back into connection with each other: clearly they are as explosively charged and combustive as any chemical reaction in chemistry; to the brink of not even fully understanding why they cannot remain separated. In science this would be considered a binary coupling, as they are innately auto associative.

9.      The Untied Kingdom by Kate Johnson | MyReview 

This particular novel came to my attention through a series of recommendations, the kind of recommendations I wasn’t as keen to know if the novel would be my cuppa or not. I am not one who gravitates towards ‘alternative realities or alternative histories’ within fiction. Yet what gave me the belief that I could soak inside this story is how those who were telling me of its heart, spoke to the spirit of where Johnson wanted us to traverse whilst we were reading its chapters. To me, if you can make a ready connection to the heart of a story, even if it’s outside your comfort zone, you’ve broached your mind and heart to re-define what is plausible. I choose to read daringly and push myself to read stories that will challenge me. The fact this encompasses such a cleverly conceived method of time travelling is icing on the cupcake!

Quote from my review:

Johnson doesn’t slowly build the reader’s interest into her world but rather drops them so unceremoniously into the commotion of what is happening to her characters, as to make the reader feel quite at home despite the frenzy of what is about to breach onto the page! Her world-building is lightweight and easily able to transition from the present day to the past; or rather into this ‘alternative historical’ arm of where the present could have gone in a different time reality than our own. It’s a curious prospect of quantum physics – how many realities and time variables are there per each generation of life known in our own historical past? How many times does time bend against it’s own continuum to create the vortex of differences?

Rather than bolting down the specifics of how and why Eve Carpenter made her time slip into this new reality, Johnson focuses on the importance of how this intrusion on Harker’s reality upsets the cart of balance in his time era. This is definitely a book which would appeal to science fiction readers who happen to enjoy reading a bit of Rom where the focus is on what to do once you’ve re-positioned yourself ‘elsewhere’ without the benefit of proof of ‘where’ you’ve come.

10.  Intangible by C.A. Gray | My Review

I personally get a kick out of reading stories about Quantum Physics, both in fiction and non-fiction alike; as to me, non-fiction books are stories set to a different pace and interaction than fiction, but their stories all the same! Seeing where science can merge itself into fantasy is a new wicked joy of mine, and Ms Gray truly exploded my mind with possibilities that I was more than eager to devour!

Quote from my review:

By the time I read ‘superstrings’ and theoretical research by page 11, I not only sat up straighter but I was trying to sort out how I had the blessing of being able to read such a wickedly delightful novel! I seriously did not remember if I had let on how much I love quantum physics, and surely I don’t remember mentioning (as of yet) my curiosity for superstrings, although I might have mentioned something about it come to think on it, as didn’t I blog about how I started my collection of quantum physics books last year during Sci Fi November?! Hmm,… wells, let’s just say, I plunged so heartedly into the text a hurricane could knock on the window and I would have been completely oblivious!

I had the fortunate grace to have read Uncovering Cobbogoth earlier this year, which foretold of the Elementalists and paved the way for my imagination to jettison itself into a realm where elemental matter can be manipulated and bent towards what a individual mind can develop into their living reality inasmuch as affect aspects of parallel time portals and realms. With my mind alighting inside Cobbogoth ahead of the Piercing the Veil series, I am finding my wings to fly with a freedom of transcendence and a realism of placing myself fully into the shoes of Peter and Lily; in such a way that I might not have had if I hadn’t read the beauty inside Hannah L. Clark’s debut novel! (also the first of a series!) I hadn’t thought about it previously, but Cobbogoth is sci-fantasy as much as Intangible!

In closing I want to thank Christina "DZA" Marie for inviting me to conjure up a Guest Post Feature to run on her blog during #RRSciFiMonth! The honour was surely mine as I took her up on the challenge to compile a ‘Top Ten List’ revolving around science fiction. This list grew organically out of my deep appreciation for the worlds within their pages held my heart and imagination in rapt attention. The depth of the character’s journey, the heart of the writer’s who gave these stories life, and the lifeblood of memories my own mind is in full remembrance of is truly a blessed gift to reflect back upon whilst hoping to inspire new readers to take a chance on reading them.

Each novel I’ve highlighted evoked a different experience to settle over my mind’s eye, and to engage me directly inside the joy the pen of its writer had in creating the space between literature and imaginative time travel. For each of us time travelling through literature and space each time we pick up a novel. It’s a beauty of inter-dimensional exploration that is only one ‘next read’ away from enchanting our minds to a new level of insight and incredible clarity of ‘place’.

I welcome visitors to this guest feature to visit with me, by clicking through to the original reviews of the titles I’ve highlighted. Let me know if something within those reviews or this Top Ten List whets your thirst of appetite for a story you only learnt about through this guest feature. If you’ve had the happiness of reading one of these stories previously, I welcome your notes on behalf of what your individual experience was within those realms. Let us continue to inspire each other!

Sincerely, Jorie of Jorie Loves A Story

19th November 2015