Friday, November 6, 2015

The Worst Time to Get a Crush is During the Zombie Apocalypse and Here's Why

So...I'll bet you're all wondering what snarky post I've got this week. What show or book did I review or what demon did I research? Especially now that it's Science Fiction Month (a month-long blogging event hosted by RinnReads and Over the Effing Rainbow; some of you may have seen the #RRSciFiMonth decorating my social media posts lately).

Surely I'm responsible enough to manage my time and prepare a proper post, right? 


Hey, look! A microfiction I did for my creative writing class featuring zombies. Enjoy! 


"Okay," Erin huffed, packing her shotgun like a pro action hero. "Ready, Mike?"

I stared at her, the axe heavy in my hand. "Seriously? There's, like, eighty zombies out there."   

"That's why we're doing this instead of any of the others; we're the track race champions." 

"Two years ago!" 

"And since then we've had ample opportunity to practice those running skills," Erin cheered. "Zombies suck, but they're great for exercise." 

I looked out the window. There was a man with a broken ankle and a hole in his chest limping down the street to a rotted corpse, which was already being chomped on by a woman with half a jaw, one arm, and a really ugly green hat. 

There were others. Lots of others. Lurking in abandoned buildings and stumbling through shadows, unseen until they were gnawing on your intestines. The city was crawling with them. 

"There's got to be a better way to get food," I protested. 

"Well, I suppose we could resort to cannibalism, but then what's the point of fighting zombies of we're just gonna act like 'em?" Erin smacked my shoulder. "Come on. Think of how impressed Lindsey will be if you survive." 

"Oh, no!" I snarled. "No, we are not going through this again!" 

Erin gave me a mock pouty face. "Aw, is Mikey too afwaid of his feelings for pwetty wittle Windsey? Too afwaid of the wittle stumbling zombies?" 

"I've kicked the ass of every zombie that's tried to take a bite out of me, and if any others try it I'll shoot 'em right between the friggin' eyes!" I snapped. 

Erin beamed and opened the door. "Perfect! We're ready!" 

"Wait, wha--"

Erin grabbed my arm and dragged me outside. 


Seriously guys, I'm so sorry. I thought I'd have enough time to read this week (well, read something that wasn't for history class). I'll be sure to have a "real" post next week. 


Know a good show, movie, or book? 
Do you have an idea for a future blog post? 
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Thanks for reading! :)

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